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Drink Delivery

Our primary service is delivering drinks. Many other companies offer the same service so what makes Your Selection different?


We understand that restaurants operate on a very unique time frame. Certain times of the day are the busiest and the last thing any restaurant manager needs is to deal with deliveries. That is why we strive to deliver during off service times when most restaurants are either preparing to open or have just finished their lunchtime rush. We also know that peak times can vary dramatically depending on the kind of venue and location. We ask all our customers when would be the best times to receive deliveries when setting up an account with us. These time slots will be printed on the invoices so our drivers know when the best time would be to make the delivery.

Although we endeavor to deliver on time every time, the nature of our business and the uncertainly known as London traffic means from time to time we will not make the ideal delivery time slot. When this occurs our office staff will try to contact the venue to arrange a later time or our drivers will do their utmost to minimize any disruptions to the client’s trading. If you have any unique delivery requirement please let our office staff know so we can plan the routing to accommodate your requirements as much as possible.


Our delivery drivers and helpers are trained to go the extra mile. Where most delivery companies only deliver to the door; we delivery our goods to the location required by the customer. This may not mean much to the restaurants that are blessed with large loading areas or convenient storage location, but many of our clients are based in central London. This means limited storage space, and often in very hard to reach locations. Our delivery service will save you and your staff lots of leg work and safety issues because these things should be handled by trained professionals. Just another little gesture that can mean so much.